Kvitnu Mixtape (#15) Stream & Download

Kvitnu is a high blood pressure music label, started in 2006, based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Many of the musical compositions on this mixtape are influenced by science, mathematics, machinery, and concepts.

Kvitnu — high blood pressure music label, started in 2006, based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Kvitnu’s International roster includes such artists as Zavoloka, Kotra, Sturqen, Dunaewsky69, v4w.enko and Plaster. Along with their releases, Kvitnu acts as an organizing structure, making international festivals and concerts. Kvitnu is created and operated by Kotra, and all visual appearances of label are designed and supervised by Zavoloka.

In April 2011 Kvitnu became a winner in three nominations of the Qwartz Electronic Music Awards 7 in Paris — as The Best Label, The Best Artist (Sturqen) and The Best Release in Discovery Category (Sturqen’s Peste). And Kvitnu artist v4w.enko was nominated in the Discovery category with his CD release, Harmonic Ratio.

This mixtape is more or less random selection of tracks from different Kvitnu releases to present you with the variety of Kvitnu’s sound.

Curated by Dmytro Fedorenko,
Owner and Founder of Kvitnu



Download Mixtape (75.6 MB)


  1. Zavoloka – “Aureole Of Momentous Splash”
    Track from our 16th release, Vedana, by Zavoloka — this is second volume from series of albums dedicated to Purification by Four Elements. Vedana is for Water.



  2. Kotra & Zavoloka – “Tossed Torch”
    A part from Kvitnu’s very first work, Wag The Swing. Explosive broken beats, slow-motion melodies, raw uncut pieces — more than two years of improvising and constructing in one release.



  3. v4w.enko – “Re3”
    Constant correlation flow of outer factors and pre-programmed algorithms taking influence on real time process procedures. Track from the first CD release of Max/MSP audio-visual maniac v4w.enko, whose inner life consists of simple particles closely interrelating each other by finding basic principles of harmonic variations.



  4. Sturqen – “Kik11”
    This track is taken from a work, Peste by our industrial techno ascetics from Porto! Six tracks EP with heavily distorted beats, sharp killing micro “melodies”, and heavy raw energy of minimal noise aesthetics. In April 2011 Sturqen’s Peste took prize in Discovery category of Qwartz Electronic Music Awards in Paris.



  5. Plaster – “Exoplasm”
    “Exoplasm” comes as the main track from a conceptual album Zyprex 500, by Italian duo Plaster, who added an unexpected deep and powerful point to the general sound of Kvitnu. Zyprex 500 is a work about constant dualism and translation of the human with software and hi-tech machines.



  6. Kotra – “Burshtyn”
    This track is taken from CD, Reset by Kotra, which comes as a squall of noise with veins of rhythm, reckless onslaught of liberation energy that wiped off trash of carelessness, shreds of impressions on its way.



  7. Sturqen – “K2n”
    “K2n” represents Piranha — the first CD of Sturqen, which explores a vast amount of massive sonic rhythmics where a techno-trance universe is combined with a constant pure noise attitude.



  8. Kotra – “Japane”
    Prime explosion of sprightly elements from different times in combination with bizarre oscillations from friendly alchemists. Something from the past and something from the present. Independence in variety, light’s inside.



  9. Zavoloka – “Dyvo”
    Here Zavoloka has changed her direction in sound again and went far from her previous works. Svitlo comes with heavy and raw bass lines combined with constantly breaking rythms and unexpected turns in its tracks’ structures.



  10. Dunaewsky69 – “Endless”
    Taken from a very deep and complex work that reminds us of abstract science fiction movies and old vinyl records with forgotten melodies and voices of space children from abandoned planets.



  11. Kotra – “Micrmes Welt (Zavoloka remix)”
    Latest Zavoloka remix for Kotra release on CD, Revolt. Total reconstruction and reassembling of the original one. This track was also presented on The Wire’s compilation, Below The Radar.



  12. Zavoloka – “Inhale”
    Taken from Viter — with this release Zavoloka started series of albums that will be connected to every Universal Element: Air, Water, Fire and Earth. Viter is for the Air Element: Inhale, Exhale.



  13. Critikal – “Wrath-Rationale”
    …the creativity of users across all kinds of platforms, from digital folklore, creative and liberating practices of everyday life, subcultural expressivity, and graphorrhea to artistic production, is capable of producing ‘original’ results, especially if certain human-technical decisions help channel the process…



  14. v4w.enko – “x”
    Letter “X” is often used to specify unknown values or unknown objects (in mathematic, literature, conversation). X is the popular symbol of unfound variable whose value is equal to an expression which has a varying degrees of complexity.



  15. Dunaewsky69 – “Liya”
    Taken from our second release, Xquisite. Xcerpt. — visual-wise kaleidoscopes of searches for original states, frequent meditations, and unlimited possibilities of sound.




Written by
Vivian Hua 華婷婷

Vivian Hua 華婷婷 (they/she) is a writer, filmmaker, and organizer. As the Executive Director of Northwest Film Forum in Seattle and Editor-in-Chief of the interdisciplinary arts publication, REDEFINE, much of their work unifies their metaphysical interests with their belief that art can positively transform the self and society. Vivian regularly shares human-centered stories through their storytelling newsletter, RAMBLIN’ WITH VEE! In 2021, they will begin production on a BIPOC metaphysical comedy film entitled RECKLESS SPIRITS. They are passionate about cultural spaces, sustainable practices, and finding ways to covertly and overtly disrupt oppressive structures. YEAH!

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david macfadyen
david macfadyen
10 years ago

Here’s more on the Kvitnu compilation (and a ton of audio/video from the artists… in English)

10 years ago

YEAH! Good stuff!

Written by Vivian Hua 華婷婷
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